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Why should you use a recruitment agency when looking for a new role

With legal recruitment bigger than ever and it being such a candidate driven market, why should candidates look to use a recruitment agency and not apply directly? There are many benefits to using a recruitment agency:

Large network of clients

Recruitment agencies have the knowledge and relationship with a large range of clients. Here at Austen Lloyd we have a well established relationship with many Legal 500 firms across the UK from small high street firms to national practices.  We are on the preferred supplier list ‘PSL’ for many clients nationwide. With this large database of clients, we can tailor your search specifically to the type of firm that would suit you, making your new job a career progressive move and not a side step. 

Knowledge of the market

Agencies often have access to jobs that you as the job seeker are unable to see. Not all firms advertise every role they are looking to fill. Agencies have sector specific knowledge of what clients have previously recruited for and often find leads and gaps in the market and can sell a candidate’s skills and experience to create the perfect role for them.

Saves your time

Finding a job isn’t always an easy process and can feel like a full time job from researching vacancies, making long applications to following this up or never even hearing any feedback. By using a recruitment agency, this stress can be taken away. From an initial conversation to find out your exact requirements with regards to your dream role, salary, notice period and geographical locations, you can leave the next step in our trusted hands. We can make your applications and with the help of our super admin team, we can be sure that your CV will stand out from the rest. From the next step of arranging the interviews, we can fully prep you with guidance from the client as to what the interview will entail.  

Negotiating salary

Salary can be an awkward topic to discuss in interviews and most of the time leaves your tripping up and not knowing what to say. Further to this, you have found your dream role, but they have offered lower than you would be happy with. By using a recruitment agency, we can alleviate this stress. We act as the middle man and therefore can negotiate the salary directly with the client putting your requirements first and avoiding you having to worry about this

Discrete Applications

More senior candidates can be well known in the field of law they practice and firms in the local area, so finding a job can be difficult as they don’t want their name to go out everywhere. As a recruitment agency we can look to make discreet applications to begin with and remain anonymous until a possible opportunity is presented, keeping your search discrete.

They are free to job seekers

There are no costs for you as a candidate! You are getting the most up to date legal knowledge and expertise to help you secure the role you have been dreaming of – free of charge!

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