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How to manage candidates with multiple offers

You’ve finally found the perfect candidate for your role. The bad news is that they already have multiple offers from your competitors. The good news? There’s plenty you can do to secure them.

Research by Robert Half has shown that the hiring market has fallen in favour of candidates over the past year. The number of available roles outweighs the number of qualified professionals and businesses have reported that finding a qualified candidate is a challenge.

When top performing professionals are so in-demand, you’ll need decisive and strategic techniques to stand out from the competition. Our experts reveal how to win desirable candidates, even when they’ve received multiple offers.

Offer a competitive remuneration package

Excessive negotiation over benefits and salaries can cause long delays which cost you talent. Advertising for an open role with an attractive package already in place can speed up hiring times and is a great way to attract talent to your company.

It’s not uncommon for a candidate to come into the hiring process with a good idea of the benefits and salary they’d like. By discussing your current offering during the interview process, you can gain valuable insight into their expectations and whether there’s anything they feel would make the role more attractive to them.

Sell your opportunity

Job interviews aren’t a one-way street, they’re an opportunity to open a dialogue with your candidate. Ask questions designed to reveal their chosen career path and give tangible examples of how your company can help them reach it.

Job satisfaction also plays an important part in how attractive a role is. It’s advised that you take the time to discuss ways in which your current employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and are given the chance to lead or pitch for exciting new things. It also never hurts to paint a picture the company culture that you’re inviting them to join—this is something unique that no one else can offer.

Reduce the length of your hiring process

Becoming the most attractive offer on the table isn’t just down to the interview process—speed to hire plays an important part, too. A study of UK businesses showed that 54% of HR directors have lost out on a qualified candidate due to a long hiring process.

Listen to expert advice

The most efficient way to reduce your hiring time is to work with a professional recruitment company like the experts at Robert Half. Time spent reviewing CVs can be reduced and you also benefit from their extensive network of high quality candidates and hiring expertise, which you can leverage to secure your preferred choice.

There are few individuals more practiced or ambitious in securing desirable candidates than recruitment consultants. Whether you choose to work with a recruitment agency or to reference an industry report during your recruitment process, it’s beneficial to pay attention to their expert advice.

Although it may feel prudent to err on the side of caution when interviewing or negotiating, recruitment industry experts have a more advanced working knowledge of how to secure the best candidates. Trusting in this knowledge or taking advice will help you get ahead of the competition and stand out as the most attractive offer.

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