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How to create your own personal online brand to help your career

  • Decide what you would like to be known for and the sector you would like to pursue.
  • Establish who you are and your best qualities – Highlight this to potential employers
  • Let them know what you can bring to a business and how you can benefit them/ increase value to their firm. 
  • Research the sector you wish to pursue and the skills needed to be successful in that industry.
  • Tailor your  profile to these skills, showing how you would fit in well into  the role/ business.
  • Network with individuals within this sector, not only will it increase the understanding of the sector but it will broaden your network, increasing the likelihood of finding out about potential roles/ being recommended for roles through contacts you have made.
  • Grow your online presence, join groups in your chosen sector, comment, create  posts and write articles to increase footfall to your page and interaction within individuals within this field. 
  • Ask for recommendations on your page from people you have previously worked for or individual’s who know you professionally to highlight your success/ skills  to potential employers. 
  • Always be positive and post positive content to make people want to interact with you and view your page.
  • Finally keep adding and building your profile updating new information & skills so that potential employers can stay updated.
Rhiannon Wilcox

Father’s Day!

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Charlotte Wills

Time is of the essence.

Time is your commodity that can’t be recovered later. As a trusted recruiter for some of the biggest law firms in the UK, Austen Lloyd knows how to find the best candidates for you without monopolising your time.

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Featured Role

NQ Asset Finance

This is a very rare opportunity for a recently qualified Solicitor who wishes to develop a specialism in the field of Asset Finance at a highly successful international firm with a first rate reputation.

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