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How do I negotiate my salary as a lawyer?

Everybody no matter what role or sector you are in will always want the answer to the million pound question, how do I negotiate my salary ?

Well, let’s start with the basics, do your research – find out what the market rate is for your particular profession by looking at online salary surveys and speaking with colleagues in the same field . Do take into account the type of firm you are working for as there will always be a variant between a big city legal 500 and regional practice.

Show your new /current employer  why you are valuable and worth the salary increase and cost to their P&L.  Be sure to back this up with facts and figures, such as billings and KPI like enquiries brought in by business development and year on year company growth . Remember nothing in this world comes for free and with a salary increase will be the expectation for increased output .

Become an invaluable asset to your employer, there is nothing wrong with going above and beyond the call of duty and any employer worth their salt will recognise this and reward this at a salary review. Be sure to mention all the ways you have added value to the firm such as overtime ,bringing in new clients ,working that weekend you were not supposed to ,changing holiday to fit the business needs the list can be endless so be sure to let your employer know .

Make sure that you actually ask your employer about a prospective pay rise and schedule a date and time to have the discussion and be prepared with all the reasons why you are worth the pay rise. Don’t just assume a pay review will land in your lap as 9 times out of 10  your employer is too busy running the business  and thinking about other issues that it can sadly  slip their mind .

If you reach the point where you are looking for alternative employment and the thought of  talking directly with a prospective employer about salary isn’t your strong suit or you don’t have time to look for a new role and debate salary there is always the simple option to  use a recruitment consultant ,it is literally within  their job description to speak to employers on a day to day basis and negotiable the best possible salary and package for you .

Lastly always look to better yourself , do additional training as this will always help to increase your salary .

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