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How can I network during the Pandemic?’

Due to the pandemic the world of networking has had to evolve and change. No more meet and greets, seminars or briefings face to face. This raises the question of how do we network during this time effectively?

Build your online platform – We are now living in a world where everything is now being done online. Use your platforms such as linked in, Instagram and twitter to build your connections and make sure they are aligned with the work that you do and want to promote

Engage with your audience online – Share your projects / work, create polls, write posts, write articles. Create an online space that allows engagement with your connections. This will draw more attention to your page and your work

Set up virtual meetings – we have all adapted to the different platforms being used such as Microsoft teams and Zoom. It is a very effective way of having direct communication with individuals in your line of expertise and can be on either on a professional or social basis.

Rhiannon Wilcox

Father’s Day!

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Psychology and the Law

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Charlotte Wills

Time is of the essence.

Time is your commodity that can’t be recovered later. As a trusted recruiter for some of the biggest law firms in the UK, Austen Lloyd knows how to find the best candidates for you without monopolising your time.

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Featured Role

NQ Asset Finance

This is a very rare opportunity for a recently qualified Solicitor who wishes to develop a specialism in the field of Asset Finance at a highly successful international firm with a first rate reputation.

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